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Here is a peek at Pulse SMS's awesome feature set!

Pulse SMS was designed from the ground up to give you great performance, customization, and a sleek look to your text messaging, and wow does it accomplish that.

  • Seamlessly integrates with any device (tablet, watch, TV, web, native Google Chrome, and Firefox apps and extensions) to support SMS and MMS, through your phone number!
  • Beautiful layouts
  • Night mode
  • Pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list
  • Smooth transitions between conversations
  • Beautiful, readability-style browser for the best web experience
  • Powerful, per-contact, theming support
  • Delayed sending
  • Support for Dual-SIM devices
  • Automatic message backup and restore
  • Blacklisting of numbers to stop the spam
  • Scheduled text messages
  • Search messages and conversations
  • Mute notifications on an individual user basis
  • Completely snooze the app from all notifications for a given time period
  • Custom notifications for contacts
  • Search Giphy for GIFs to attach to your messages
  • Share photos, videos, and audio along with your messages

Download our Android app to get started, then try messaging from a tablet, sign on to this website, try out our stand-alone Google Chrome app, check out our Google Chrome browser extension, or, if you prefer Firefox, try our Firefox browser extension!

To see all the devices we support, check out our supported platforms page!