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If you have forgotten your password, there are two possibilities to reset your account:

  1. If you have the My Account section on the phone app (you are already logged in on the phone), you can go to this section and use the Refresh Account option. This preference will allow you to change the email and password combination to whatever you want.
  2. If you have the Text from any Device section on the phone app (you are not logged in to the account), the only option is to delete your account and recreate it with a new set of credentials. Please read the bottom section for more information on why there is no generic account reset. When you do this, Pulse SMS will upload exactly what is on the phone app, to the new account. Google will restore whatever purchases you have made, automatically.

To delete and recreate the account:
  1. Enter your email on this page.
  2. Open the link in the email to automatically delete the account.
  3. On the Android app, open the navigation drawer then select the Text from any device option.
  4. Create the new account.

Purchases are stored on your Google account and will be automatically restored to the new account that you create. All the messages you see in the phone app will be uploaded to the new account.

Why passwords cannot be recovered or reset, when you are not logged in on the phone

Most websites will just have you reset your password if you forget it, since no applications actually hold your plain-text password. While we could, of course, provide an option to reset your password, resetting it in our app would do no good.

Since we use end-to-end encryption with your password as the key, if you were to reset your accounts password, it would be impossible for our app to decrypt your messages. So resetting your password would effectively make your account useless, all of your messages would just be random characters.

Of course, the next question would be: why not separate the encryption key and the password? Obviously this was an option, but it didn't make all that much sense. If you forget your encryption key, you would be in the same position. By making them one-and-the-same, it means you only have to remember one password for your account, instead of two.

What if I am sure my password is correct?

Pulse SMS accounts are deleted after two months of inactivity, as per my privacy policy. It does you no good to keep an old Pulse SMS account, since logging in to that account would simply download all of its messages to your device, deleting the current messages. If you are away from Pulse SMS and come back to the app, simply create a new account to upload your messages. As noted above, Google will restore any purchases you have made, automatically.

There are no other cases when your account is removed, unless you do so manually. If this doesn't apply to you, then your password or email is incorrect and you can reset the email and password combination, with the steps above.